Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Kitty


We found a kitten about two weeks ago. We weren't really looking for a new cat, but I guess he found us.

He's a cutie though, and a terror. lol My dad named him Petey, aka Pistol Pete.



Austin Hale said...

So my mom started a blog on my Google account so all my comments are being listed as Lynda Hale... I refuse lol. Why did you think I was stressed in that post?

Lola said...

He's super cute!! I love little baby kittens...but then they grow into anoying cats. :) Kind of like kids...cute babies...then... ya know!

McKenna εϊз said...

ah... kittens... They have their moments, but I personally prefer cats!! :P

TAG!!!!!! look at my blog, i tagged you! :P

♥always, Kenna