Thursday, October 23, 2008

Election '08

As you all know the election is coming up in a few weeks. Crazy times!!!! I hope everyone registered to vote. I really wish I could, but lucky me, I'll be four months too young. YAY, not. I know it's really hard to stay informed on all the issues and everything, especially with all the backbiting going on between Obama and McCain. Just keeping up with the various debates and appearances is time consuming.
My friend of mine runs a political blog in his free time about the election. He's very thorough and he knows what he's talking about. (even for a dropout lol) You should all really go check it out!

And I'm saying this especially to embarrass him right now because he made a crack at my job and I might have to include embarrassing trek pictures in the near future. lol So please check out his blog @ and leave TONS of comments. ; )

Austin this is for you:
I think this is sufficient press and media. Here's my advertising, now where's my money? jk lol. I think I have sufficiently embarassed you now. But let me know if I really do need to include pictures so I can call around, k?

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Austin Hale said...

I hate trek pictures..... but thanks for the instant publicity ;-) Just be warned I made my own blog spot for retaliation! - Austin