Saturday, October 18, 2008


So on Wednesday for mutual we had a fifties Sock Hop with all the guys and the girls.  We played crazy games and some people came and taught us how to swing dance.  It was tons of fun.  

After they served refreshments Collin wanted to try a lift he learned with me.  I let him try it.  He wasn't too bad after a few tries.  On the third try, he had me straight up in the air but he started to lose his balance and took a step back.  Consequently, he ended up falling and dropping me on my face.  Now I have bruises all over my legs. lol  And now he wants to try it out at the next stake dance on Saturday.
I guess we'll see.


buddyandsarahaws said...

Cute blog! That would hurt.

Fred and Meili said...

Love your blog I just found it!!Fred and I love to swing dance. He learned by practicing with his older sister too!

Kayla said...

They are t-shirts and basketball shorts. It makes it hard to dive. The colors aren't that bad. It's just how they fit. Pee color... I feel bad for them!