Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sadie Hawkins

Sorry guys....
I know it's been like MONTHS since I've updated. I've just been super-busy and my Facebook addiction has limited anything else that I could possibly do on the internet. lol

I've just been staying busy with work and school. I'm just trying to finish my senior year without completely falling off the deep end and hopefully get some scholarships by the end of the year.

I'm super-excited about the Sadie Hawkins dance this weekend. The theme is "Save the Last Dance For Me". You know that Michael Buble' song? Well, it should be a really fun night.

I asked this super-cute priest in my ward, (I really should be careful what I say on my blog though, because I know he reads it from time-to-time.) So I’ll be brief on the details, but you can always call me for more. Lol ;)

So, I asked him about a week ago. Some friends and me went to Wal-Mart after mutual and got some supplies. We left a bowl of fish on his doorstep that said:
“Out of all the fish in the sea, would you go to Sadie Hawkins with me?”
with my name on the bottom. Then we rang the doorbell and ran.
It was so much fun!!!

But I think the most fun part was waiting for my answer. So, that Saturday night around 10:30 the doorbell rang. I figured it would probably be my answer, but what I didn’t expect was this:

That’s right, I found a FISH on my porch. Funniest thing EVER!!!! So I brought it in the house and I found a tab that said PULL. So I pulled it and I found a note inside the fish. After I got it out and unwrapped it said;
“Out of all the fish in the sea, it’s an honor you have chosen me. YES”

Needless to say, very exciting week for me. Lol Now I just need to figure out some fun day date ideas. Feel free to pass on any ideas, thanks.

Oh, I almost forgot. I'm also really excited about the jewelry that I'll be wearing to the dance.

Yes, that's a candy necklace! lol This all started from an inside joke before prom about wearing candy jewelry to be cheap. But I really liked the idea and my mom found this on ebay. The cool part is that the you can keep the charm after the candy is gone. Isn't it super cute though?

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