Sunday, May 17, 2009

UPDATE! finally!

Hey Sorry Guys,
I know it's been, like, FOREVER, since I posted. Life has been very interesting. So much has happened. Let's see.... Prom, Birthday, Boyfriend, School, pending Graduation, just crazy stuff. But, I do promise to be more vigilant from now on. Mostly because people keep bugging me, and because this will be your source for college updates.

That's RIGHT! Keara's Going To COLLEGE! I will be leaving for NAU in August. I'm planning on studying Psychology. Honors Program. Staying in Cowden Hall. I hear it 's pretty good. I am SO excited, but SO absolutely TERRIFIED at the same time. This is a huge step, I've been waiting all my life for. I can't wait to get into the world and try it out! Be an 'adult', kinda, just have some fun, gain the college experience. Don't worry, I won't go TOO crazy. :o)

Prom was fun. I went with a big group of friends, wore a GORGEOUS dress, partied all night long, and lots of other crazy shenanigans. My date had to leave early due to a reoccurring injury, which was a bummer. But I still managed to dance the night away. We went cosmo bowling after. It was really interesting, especially in prom dresses. HAHA The funniest thing was the three drunk guys in the lane next to us trying to flirt with me after they found out I had no date. Hilarious

And..... I'm single. Weird thing, I know. haha But I'm hoping that it will last. But the last time I said that, I only went like three or four weeks. haha So cross your fingers for me ;)

I'm thinking about trying institute out for the summer. They're offering classes out at Higland HS. I figure I'll get some friends to go with me and make a party of it. haha

Wow, it's still hitting me that I only have like 7 school days left. I graduate May 28 at 7pm. You're all invited if you want to come. I'm having a family party before and another part after for everyone else. Should be a blasty blast. lemme know if any of you wanna come. But WOW, a chapter is ending, as a new one opens..... how EPIC


buddyandsarahaws said...

I love the dress!

Jill said...

You look gorgeous! I love these pictures!