Monday, September 21, 2009

Can you say CRAZY?!?!?!

What a week man! So much has happened, I figured I'd give you a little update

The stake was doing a blood drive, so I signed up. I've already tried to donate twice, but some complication always came up. First my veins were too 'shallow' and the tech was to 'callow' so she went right through my poor little vein, but not before she tried stabbing me four times. The second attmept, everything went smoothly, except on of the valves in the bag deactivated so oxygent got in and voided the sample, rendering it useless. So you can imagine that I would be a little nervous to try it again. Well... I got through the questions and all that jazz, I learned to always ask for a 'super stick', meaning that I get the supervisor to stick me, instead of the new, less experienced techs. I told her about my history, and she got that needle in! I was pleasantly surprised. It took twenty minutes, but everything went smoothly. I still have a gigantic bruise on the inside of my left arm, but I'm a finially blood donor!!!!

The week only got better from there! My best friend Veronica fell out of her chair and hit her head Wednesday night. Thursday, she was getting a headache, so she went to the health centr on campus, they weren't very helpful. I came over after class to keep an eye on her. But by 8, she was getting worse, so we took her to the ER. That was DEFINITELY an experience. We spent over four hours in there, not too bad in general I guess. While we were waiting we ended up befriending a homeless girl who likes to refer to herself as Gemni. It made for an interesting night. She asked to borrow my computer and that made for a very uncomfortable time, until the nurse was kind enought to kick her out. Well, after four hours, all Veronica's x-rays came out negative, so we went home. She has a concussion, but she's just fine. Defintely made for an exciting weekend though.

Friday was a fun day. After sleeping off one adventure, we prepared for another. We went mudbogging with Colleen, Veronica's roomate. That's was wicked. Nothng like Queen Creek, but it was fun getting lost in the forest. After that we came back to campus, dinner, then Game Night!!! We played Curses and Apples to Apples. Totally fun, then we finished off the night with ice cream and a movie.

On Saturday, we slept in yet again.(don't you just LOVE college? :D) We did a mini photoshoot on campus before catching a showing of The Proposal @ the Prochnow. Can't be a $3 movie and free popcorn and drinks. I'll try and post some of the pics from my friends camera later.

Sunday was even great. It was stake conference so I got to go with Mason. Great talks, virtue seemed to be the prevalen subject. But it all seemed to be necessary revelation. I somehow managed to get some laundry done in the chaos. Then home teaching, which was Just What I Needed. I finially got to meet the mormon girls in my building. Things have been kinda hard, getting into the ward and settling. But I met one girl named Emily. She's a freshman as well, but we are so totally the same. She's a Theater major and an art minor. All the things I wish I could be. We clicked instantly and subsequently started planning art and craft parties. :D! It was an answer to both our prayers. I am just so thrilled to finially find a new friend that shares all my passions as well as my standards. It's just a testament that our Father listens.

Well, that about sums up my week. See, I told you I would update :P I hope you all are well, I'm missing you guys, but not too much cuz I'm having so much fun.
Take Care,
See You at Thanksgiving
~Miss Keara

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Miller Family said...

Sounds like you are living college life to the fullest! :) Glad you found someone in the dorms to hang out with that is LDS... makes a big difference when lots of other people are partying. Thanks for the update! :)