Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Hey Guys!

Sorry it's been sooooo long, but you know the busy life of a college student. :) I've been meaning to update for AGES, but I wanted to post pics of my room, but surprise surprise, my camera is nowhere to be found. :( ugh! so frustrating, I just bought it too.

Well, I'm about a month into my freshman year at Northern Arizona University. I'm currently majoring in Psychology, but we'll see how much this changes in the following years. It's a total blast though! College is so much fun!

I haven't been too homesick at all really. I mean I came home for labor day, but I guess I'm just enjoying the independence. Hopefully the fam is coming up next weekend for a premature parents weekend. It should be fun.

So far I'm doing pretty good in all my classes. This is definitely an easy semester. I probably have the best sched. None of my classes start before 11 am, and I get fridays off! YES!!! I'm really excited for some of my classes this semester. My favorite one is probably my Global Village one. We discuss the different aspects of globalization and the pros and cons it has to the world. Sorry, probably doesn't make a ton of sense, but I get excited for it. ^.^

My roommate is pretty chill. She's really quiet and passive. We seem to be getting along so far. I think it just took a bit for her to adjust to my craziness, but we're cool now.

I'm trying to balance my time between school, friends, boyfriend, institute and YSA activities, and other clubs and stuff. I thought I wanted to work, but I have no idea when I'd have time to. Whew! College kids stay BUSY!

The weather is absolutely gorgeous up here though. We're going camping this weekend if it doesn't rain. Today was surprisingly chilly, it was like 65 and raining. Totally nice. I still kinda miss the heat in QC, not gonna lie, but a girl could definitely fall in love with Flagstaff too.

I love and miss you all, hope everything is going well. I'll try to be more regular about the postings ;) and HOPEFULLY I'll find that stinkin camera soon, so I can show you the awesomeness that I know as Flagstaff.

<3 till next time
Keara xox

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Shelly Marie said...

I'm glad that you are having so much fun!! and yes, college kids DO stay busy!! that's so good that you're enjoying everything so much.
miss you girl!