Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Operation 19th Birthday: SUCCESS!!!

Yes, I turned 19 last Thursday on the 25th. This is my last year as a teenager *tear, tear* I'll admit, I was prepped for a terrible birthday. It was the week after spring break, so I wouldn't be home, my mom made me pick out all my presents so there wouldn't be any surprises, and I got terribly sick the last day of Spring Break and spent it in Urgent care, so I didn't even get a yummy birthday dinner. It was looking pretty grim for me. But by the time Thursday rolled around, I had already accepted it.

Let me just start by saying I was LDEAD WRONG. I know that I have amazing friends and an amazing boyfriend, and a super amazing family.
I first woke up to this from my bestest friend Olivia:

She is such a sweetheart.

After this, I dressed up, and wore my super cute birthday outfit, which I didn't get pics of sadly, and went to class. I gotta admit wearing heels was a bad idea, but I don't regret it. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my busy days school wise, so I had a lot of walking around with a heavy backpack. I went to seminary, then Psychology where my friend Emma presented me with an adorable card she painted and my favorite candy, Cookies n' Cream!!! After Psych, I gotta rush back up to north campus for Spanish. Lucky my, my partner insisted the whole class sing to me (in Spanish of course)and proceeded to teach everyone how. It was great =) After Spanish I came back to my dorm for a bit and had more presents waiting for me!

Sorry, didn't get pics of this either, but Mason, my amazing boyfriend convinced my roommate to let him in so he could leave me surprises. He gave me the movie "When Harry Met Sally" more yummy dark chocolate and a bunch of poems he wrote for me. <3 How Sweet!! I'm seriously the luckiest girl ever!!!

I sat through math, *my favoritest class ever* ;) After that, Olivia told me we were going somewhere, so I had to drop my stuff off and then we would go. She didn't tell me where or why, so we just walked back to my dorm, and I was greeted with a copious amount of balloons and streamers. :) Lucky girl right... but that's not the end. I could tell that Liv was acting weird, so something was up. And I didn't know who got into my room to decorate it. I guess my surprise was downstairs, so we went downstairs, and to my surprise my mom and little brothers were waiting to surprise me! Best birthday ever! my friends spoil me and my parents even drove up to hang out with me. I'm so loved :)

We went to dinner at Olive Garden. My mom even brought a cake and candles for me. She even decided to play a nasty trick on me and put 12 trick candles on there out of 19. It was an interesting experience to say the least. haha, eventually I got them all out and we had cake covered in spit and ashes. Yummy!

All in all, I had a fabulous birthday. I know that I am very loved and I'm so grateful for my friends and family. I don't know where I'd be without them. I love you all!! <3 I will post more pics of my fabulous weekend later, but homework is calling. :/ I can't wait till Summer, just 5 more weeks!!!

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