Monday, April 12, 2010

Birthday Weekend Parte Dos!!!

I never got to finish describing my amazing birthday weekend. Friday morning after I finished my Public Speaking class, I met up with my parents and little brothers to go hike the lava tubes. Everyone was so excited. But as we made our way up the mountain, the layers of snow became more apparent and the weather picked up. When we finally go to the trail, we realized it was snowed over. :( needles to say Mason and Branson we bummed, but they got out, played in the old snow for a while then we headed back to Flagstaff to find something else to do. After lots of driving, my parents decided it would be best if they just headed back home early to beat traffic and save time.

I spent the rest of my Friday chilling with my boy and movie night with the girls. Saturday was the climax of the week though. All my friends and I decided to visit Sedona for the day and have some lunch. We had some issues with the GPS and ended up at a random neighborhood that was NOT our destination.

This isn't Sedona Baking Company.....

Once we got back on course, we headed straight towards Sedona, and The Red Planet Diner.

That was a fun lunch. My friend Emily told them it was my birthday and convinced them to bring me out a deep fried pickle with a candle in it. It was very interesting to say the least. They came out and threw that sombrero on my head, sang to me, then I took a spoonful of ice cream to the face. It was quite the adventure. :)

After lunch we took to the streets of Sedona for some photo op and some fun :)

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