Saturday, November 8, 2008

Starbucks. . . Oh My!

A lot of you guys know I work at Starbucks in the Target on the Ellsworth Loop. I've been working there for about 8-9 months and I absolutely LOVE it. The guests, the drinks, it's a great combo for me, I get to use my energy and bubbly-ness. I'm especially excited because we started our new Christmas drinks this week!!

I know what you guys are thinking. Coffee?!? But, contrary to popular belief there are things Mormons can drink at Starbucks. So I decided I would educate everyone on the Starbucks lingo and some great coffee-free choices.

So first-sizes: they go Tall (small), Grande (medium), and Venti (large).
[I know they don't make sense, but it's Italian, and they're crazy anyway. lol]

Starbucks has many different ways to order your favorite drink: hot, iced, and my favorite, blended Frappaccino!
The hot drinks are basically espresso, steamed milk, and your favorite syrup of choice.
Iced drinks are very similar except they're cold milk and espresso poured over ice with flavored syrup.
The frappaccinos are like milkshakes, but not quite as thick normally. They are made with a blended coffee base, or a blended creme' base, then syrup, then ice, and blended to perfection.

Disclaimer: All of these drinks have about the calorie count of your breakfast, but they are Soo yummy. But, there are methods to cut down on the calorie count so don't freak out.

So, on to
Flavors: We have the typical Mocha (chocolate), White Mocha (white chocolate), Chai, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Caramel, Toffee Nut, Cinnamon Dolce. and our seasonal ones: Peppermint, Gingerbread, and Pumpkin Spice. Some of the more basic flavor come sugar free. But all of these flavors can be mixed and combined to make some Awesome concoctions. ;)

I won't go through a long descriptions of all the drinks we make that you can't have, so I'll just describe the 'Mormon Approved' ones.

For hot drinks, you can order any latte minus the espresso. Just pick your flavor and say 'steamer' or 'creme' i.e. Vanilla Steamer, Caramel Steamer, etc. We also make pretty good Hot Chocolates. The chocolate syrup is kind of bitter, so I would suggest ordering it "Black and White" (half mocha, half white mocha) The Signature Hot Chocolates are decent, very bitter though. But the Salted Caramel Signature Hot Chocolate in Bombin'!

Hot Drink Suggestions: Pumpkin Spice steamer, Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, Peppermint Mocha twist creme', Caramel White Mocha creme, and ***Caramel Apple Spice(this one is like apple cider, yummy,my absolute Fav.)***

Iced Drinks: same thing, just order it creme' or end it in 'milk'. I love the starbucks chocolate milk with ice and Whipped Cream, just about everything is the same as the hot drinks.

Frappaccino: You can drink anything coffee-free for a frappaccino, just specify that it's a cream base, or just order it creme'. I'm bad, I make my own frappaccinos and I don't order anything off the menu anymore. I like it complicated. lol
But I suggest a Caramel Mocha Creme', Green Tea Frappe* (you can drink this), Pumpkin Spice Creme', Caramel Double Chocolately Chip, Strawberry Blended Lemonade (this isn't really a frap, but it's really yummy), Captn. Crunch (strawberries and cream with Melon syrup)

* Green tea does not actually have any tea in it, it's all herbal. but the Chai does.

Christmas Drinks: We have the eggnog latte, which for you is just steamed eggnog, not bad, Peppermint Mocha and White Mocha Twist creme' (yummy), Gingersnap steamer (I like it, but I guess you'd have to be a ginger fan), eggnog frappaccino creme, (very good if you like eggnog).

I think this about sums up Starbucks in a nutshell. Just comment if you have questions.


Austin Hale said...

I have to agree with you on Caramel Apple Spice. I could live off of that drink. My absolute favorite Starbuck's drink of all time...

Tara Kay said...

Holy Cow! That all seems more complicated than I could handle!