Monday, February 15, 2010

Crazy Little Thing Called LOVE...

Well in honor of love week and Valentine's Day and the fact that this is all we have discuessed in my english class... I'm going to do a little post about love.

I feel like listing everything that I love in my life, and there's a lot, so prepare :)

I love my family. Moving away has really made me appreciate them in a new way. Not that I didn't before I left, but I definitely miss them more now and look back on all my late night chat sessions with Conner or my MOM.

I love my friends, new and old. I haven't seen my best friend from high school, Veronica, very much, eventhough we live like 500 feet away. I got to hang out with her this weekend and have a much needed girls day. It was amazing. I also love my new friends, especially Oliva. We've just recently gotten close, but I really feel like this girl gets me. We mesh so well together. This is a friend I want to keep close forever and grow up, get married and have babies with type of friend. I love her!

I love NAU. I love the weather we've been having this week, it's been in the low 50's and perfect. The snow is all melting and the sun is shining, but not for long, snow is on it's way next week I think. But I love college, I love learning new things and I love meeting new people. I've made so many new friends in the last year and I just love my singles ward. Life is really great. I love most of my classes, I've been learning a lot.

I love my fuscia and zebra striped nail that Olivia painted for me. I love my pink clip in for my hait that I'll probably get done for real in the future. I love how cute and coordinated my dorm room is. I like my fuzzy blanket and pillows.

There's a lot of love going around so pass it on!