Sunday, February 14, 2010

Viva Las Vegas

Yes that's right, I went to Vegas a few weeks ago with my new best friend Olivia. Her dad was having a furniture exhibition, so we got to tag along and reap the benefits of being in Vegas for a day. It was a blast!

Gorgeous Olivia as usual, right after we got off the plane, I looked terrible.

We woke up really early and flew in saturday morning, got there about 8:30. Taxi to the hotel, drop off our luggage, to the furniture showroom, then of to explore!

We started out at the Venetian Hotel to pick up out tickets for Phantom of the Opera! Yes, I got to see Phantom of the Opera live in Las Vegas! It was amazing :)

The Venetcian was definitely interesting. I got to try on Jimmy Choos, Coach Purses, explore Barney's, look at old books worth more than my college eduation, and so many other things. It was crazy.

Of course we had to gamble just a teeny bit. I just wanted to see if I would get caught, I guess I look 21 ;) must have been all the dark circles under my eyes from the lack of sleep. haha

Some Craziness in the Venetician Hotel, they had their own little Venice, even Olivia approved, and she's been there before. The ceiling was painted to look like the sky and they had a canal with singing gondaliers floating around.

Some awesome jewelry we spied in one of the shops. If only.... haha


It was such an awesome play. I grew up listening to the music, and I saw the movie, but actually seeing it on stage was so much fun. We had great seats under the falling chandelier. Fantastic!

Now I'm looking forward to next year ;)

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Olivia said...

Next year is going to be BOMB.