Monday, January 3, 2011

Dear Girlfriend,

I miss you. I miss my best girlfriend. The one who used to make wedding scrapbooks with me, the girl who shared my shoe addiction, the excellent cook, my Vegas buddy.

I miss my favorite person.

But I'm also mad at you, and heartbroken. Mad that you didn't stand up for me and heartbroken that I wasn't the worth the risk. Mad that you let them treat me that way, and heartbroken that you wouldn't help me.

I thought I was worth it to you, but I guess I was wrong. It still hurts that you didn't have the guts, that you were too afraid of what they would think, that I was too much of a risk.

I miss how it used to be.

I hope you miss it, what we used to have. I thought our friendship meant something to you. It did to me.

I would have stood up for you. I wouldn't let anybody treat you like that, no matte what. But I guess that's just me.

So now I guess I just hope you're happy with your choice, happy with them, because I wasn't worth it.

You shatter my heart love. I just hope it was worth it...

Girl with the Sunshine Smile

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