Friday, April 1, 2011


Hey guys, sorry it's been almost three months. I love how I said I was going to start blogging weekly. haha Well I am determined to join the blogging movement and blog Yes, you read me right, EVERDAY! Yeah. I can do it, just you wait. Hopefully I don't run out of topics to keep you all entertained with haha. But you will be hearing a lot. So prepare my dears, for a Keara-overload!!!! muahahahah


Allison said...

Awesome! Did you know that this is actually a THING that a lot of people do? It's called BEDA (Blog Every Day April). I'm doing it, too! It's super fun1 :D

Keara Miller said...

I got the inspiration from your blog actually! Plus it was a good excuse to get in the habit again :) So thank you Allison!