Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Challenge Day #2

Yay! I made it to day 2! Just 28 more posts to go. :) I can't wait, I hope you're ready!!!

For my first real post, I won't go too far back, just 2 weeks when I celebrated my amazing BIRTHDAY! That's right world, I am now 20 Years Old!!! And boy was I spoiled!!!!

I celebrated with my family during spring break while I was home. My mom and I went to the local beauty school for facials, pedicures, and a blowout. It was lots of fun and super cheap. We'll definitely be going back. The facials alone were awesome!

Unfortunately I don't have a whole lot of pics from most of the events.

That night I got to open my presents!

Cute Shoes!!!

Second Gift....

A gift certificate to this place....

That's right! I went SKYDIVING!!!!

Oh yeah, and I got to go with my Daddy!!!!! :D

Signing our lives away....

suiting up...

ready to go!!!!

with our awesome instructors!

on our way...


And this was just the first half of my birthday!

My amazing boyfriend Mason, took me here for my Real Birthday!

SOOO spoiled right?? :D

I didn't take many pictures while we were there though :/ Bummer...

We had a blast though. It was Spring Break in Cali so the place was packed, but we managed to hit up most of the good ones. Goliath, X2 (my fave!), Apocalypse, and some of the milder ones like Revolution and Jet Stream. So much fun!!!

All in all, I think I had an AH-MAZING 20th birthday! I feel so spoiled and loved :)

The only bummer is the depression that hits the day after all the festivities are over. :( 12 months till I'm 21 I guess... haha


Brooke Whimpey said...

Yeah, you went skydiving!!! It is so much fun! Everyone needs to do it at least once!

Keara Miller said...

I want to go again this summer! It was THAT amazing!!