Monday, April 25, 2011

So I realize...

It has been four days since my last post, and for that I am truly sorry. I took a short hiatus to spend Easter with my family. But I promise that I will make up for all these missing posts. April has just been a really hectic month for me I guess.

But back to Easter. I had a lovely weekend with my family. It was just good to be home after a month of school and work. Hanging out with my brothers just like old times. :) I can't believe how much they're all growing up now. Conner is graduating in a month. Collin is going to prom for the first time. Dallin will be starting high school in August. They just get so big. [physically and metaphorically] I swear it's not a good weekend to them unless I come back to Flagstaff bruised with a couple cracked ribs..

So this year for Easter we had our typical easter egg hunt. I gotta say they get a lot less entertaining after you turn 20. But I love my mom for still trying. But it's definitely better than hardly any easter at all like some of my friends with older siblings. But I still enjoyed it. I got a super cute swim suit this year, and more candy than I know what to do with. Dang am I spoiled!

I think dying the eggs was my favorite part this year though. Usually I don't get as into it. But it was just Mason, Branson and I this year, AND we had tye dye egg dye! Needless to say, I had a blast. Plus we celebrated our annual post easter tradition of dying the cat with the leftover egg dye. That was probably my favorite part of the whole weekend, not gonna lie. ;) I know it sounds completely cruel and unusual, but when you have a completely white cat and a bunch of leftover dye and a completely overactive creativity drive, weird things tend to happen.... just sayin...

I'm just glad my hands aren't multicolored anymore

<- like this

please ignore the fact that this kinda looks like animal abuse. I promise no Maxs were injured in this process. (just severely pissed off I guess)

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Lea said...

pissed off? you should have dropped by the glare he gave you! But he looks so colorful now!