Sunday, April 3, 2011

Conference! Day #3

Let me just say along with everyone else that Conference was AMAZING this year! This was probably the first time in forever that I was able to watch all four sessions. It definitely wasn't easy considering I had to watch them on my own on my laptop online. Not complaining though. I am incredibly blessed to have the ability to watch conference in my native language at my leisure.

This was a very good year for me. There were countless talks that I felt were for my benefit. So much of what the authorities were saying directly correlated to what I've been struggling with personally this last year or so.

I think my favorite sessions were on Sunday but so many of the talks had a direct impact. I especially loved Elder Holland's talk. He is by far my favorite apostle. I just love the way he directs the people of the church in such a loving and careful way. Even when you're feeling rebuked you feel his love for you. :)

Some other themes I noticed were:
-Temple Marriages
-Being examples
-withstanding trials in your life and their importance
-Repentance and the atonement
-Receiving Revelation
-The impact of the music the choir sang
-Charity and the Welfare Program
-Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy
-and Family

And of course everybody was talking about this:

So funny.

Well I hope everybody had a great weekend. :) Feel free to weigh in on your personal highlights of conference down here VVV


David & Amanda Harding said...

I would have to say that Richard G. Scott's talk was one of my favorite! I love seeing how much he loved his wife and his family and the direction and example that that set for all the men that were listening. I must also say I am totally enjoying your blog the past 3 days and can't wait for the next 26 posts lol Love ya

Keara Miller said...

Aww... thank you Amanda! I love that at least Someone is reading this. :) And I would have to agree. His talk was so sweet. There was a lot of mention to the wives of the General Authorities and it's always so sweet to hear about how much they love them.