Friday, November 11, 2011

Make a Wish!

So as everybody knows, today is November 11, 2011 {11/11/11}

On a Friday too, How amazing is that! A day full of epic wishes...

So in honor of that, I will share with you eleven wishes of mine, not necessarily today's {it wouldn't come true if I told you} but some other things I've been wishing for lately, however crazy they may be.

1. Strength
I wish for the strength to get through the rough days with a smile on my face, to push through those hard times and keep my chin up no matter what life dishes up.

2. Faith
I wish for faith to know that things will get better, faith to know that I'm where I'm supposed to be right now.

3. Hope
I wish for hope to look forward to the future, to hope for brighter days, hope for the best.

4. Courage
Courage to stand up for what I believe in, courage to make the right decisions though they may be difficult, courage to keep up my journey to a better place.

5. Love
I wish for love to be my guiding force, true and amazing love that I hope to find one day. Love for my family friends. I wish for the ability to love all things, even the difficult ones.

6. Brilliance
I wish for brilliance to spark my mind and heart, to light up my days and start a fire within my soul.

7. Safety
Like many, I wish for safety for my friends and family, especially those far from me.

8. Laughter
I wish for my life to be filled with laughter everyday because a day without that is a waste of precious time.

9. Clarity
I wish for clarity in my life, especially at this time of big decisions ahead.

10. Peace
I wish for peace, especially as the holidays approach. I wish for peace to enjoy these special moments with my family, especially because next year will be so drastically different. I wish for peace to accept these changes as they come with an open heart.

11. This is my wish for a good year, for opportunities to learn and grow, develop my talents, maybe make my business take off, meet new people.

There's one more 11:11 11/11/11 left today, last one for a thousand years. I hope you all make it count.

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